100% Wild Harvested

No Farms, No Plantations, Just Completely Wild

Wild Harvested? What Does It Mean?

Wild harvesting, also known as foraging, is the intricate practice of harvesting plants from their natural and "wild" habitat. This applies to uncultivated plants wherever they may be found and is not necessarily limited to the wilderness.

In simple terms, there are no farms, no plantations just wild growing herbs and plants. Mountainlife makes sure our Wild Harvesting is done ethically and is sustainable for the Altai Region. Once a herb/plant has been picked the harvester will replant there and then in the ground where the last plant was taken from. 

organic and natural soil with small green sapping growing

What's The Difference In Wild Harvested & Organic?

There is a very strong difference between the two and we are going to explain what it is.

Organic plants are not exposed to environmental stressors in the way that wild harvested plants are, because they're grown in a commercially  controlled environment. Due to this "Controlled" protected environment, organic plants do not fully develop nutrients and phytonutrients, reducing their nutritional value.

Wild harvested plants are grown naturally, without any human intervention, therefore are supported by compatible plants and eco-systems in soil that is teeming with abundant life and nutrients to support their growth and nutritional content. They are truly wild, native and organic by their own nature, and retain the positive attributes of plants grown in their natural habitat.

Wild harvested is the most natural form of a plant, harvested from the remote regions of the Altai, untouched by humankind.

wild harvested small green sappling

Understanding The Difference

Understanding the difference between wild harvested and organic ingredients could make your shopping decisions so much easier.

Organic: Grown in commercially, unpolluted soil free from pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides.

Wild Harvested: Grown completely in the wild, with no external support being completely organic in their own, unassisted nature.

Mountainlife products are all wild harvested and are done in a ethical way towards the beautiful region in which they inhabit.

mountainlife 100% wild harvested policy