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How long does Mountainlife Shilajit take to work?

Many of our customers report an increase in energy levels and stamina within the first 2-4 weeks. We recommend you take 1-3 servings per day. Mountainlife works on consistency. It is best to adopt it in the morning and to take full advantage of its natural purposes. Taking Mountainlife on an empty stomach in the morning is what our customers say maximizes their absorption within the gut.

Everyone is unique and everyone's body works in a completely different way. Because of this you may experience a slight difference to what others may experience.

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What are the mineral properties of Mountainlife?

The main powers from Mountainlife are the Fulvic and Humic acids, both which suggest improvement in gut and immune system function, helps detoxify and cleanse the body, assists in nutrient absorption, improves natural energy levels, reducing constant fatigue and helps repair and protect the skin. 

Mountainlife also contains a plethora of minerals and complex amino acids and vitamins which are known to be vital components within the human body.

We test our Shilajit for the basic mineral composites: Zinc, Magnesium, Iron & Calcium. We are more than happy to disclose our certificates. These show the amount of heavy metals and basic minerals contained within each jar of Mountainlife.

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What makes Mountainlife different from the other brands?

Mountainlife enjoys three major values: 

- A family aspect that focuses on the customer and purely the customer.

- A high standard natural product from a reputable and accountable source.  ​ 

- Promotion of herbal products that our predecessors have used for many many years.

We make sure you, the customer, are getting a quality product at a reasonable and fair price. We don't skimp out on quality. We also make sure that £1 from each sale goes directly to One Tree Planted of which their sole goal is to repopulate the planet with trees.We understand you may prefer different brands out there. However, our founder Thomas is adamant that he wants more people to discover and adopt this substance in to their diet and routine to help create awareness of the importance of health and vitality.

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Are there different types of Shilajit?

Simple answer is yes. The resin's potency all depends on the altitude it is harvested and the method of purification used. Is greatly effects the quality. The highest grade Shilajit is considered and renown to possess all the incredible properties spoken about. This type is harvested in high altitudes around 12000ft above sea level.

We obtain our Shilajit from a small hidden and remote region in the Altai above 12000ft  high above the clouds of which the locals state it is a very potent and strong grade. 

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How should I store my Mountainlife?

Storing is easy. Mountainlife requires no freezing or refrigeration and has a very, very long shelf life. It has already past the test of time over millions of years so we make sure it is protected in a UV Miron glass jar.


Sunlight is known to breakdown decomposed plant enzymes and that is exactly what Shilajit consists of. We make sure your Mountainlife is protected so it is best to leave it out of direct contact of natural sunlight.

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What is the daily dose of Mountainlife?

The right dosage of Mountainlife Shilajit has not yet been established. The traditional dosage of Shilajit is around a pea sized of Shilajit (Which is estimated at 200mg) twice a day on a empty stomach. 

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How many servings do I get from 30g of Mountainlife?

For the Mountainlife Shilajit Resin the UV Jar contains 150 servings at 150-200mg per serving. The jar should last around 3 months at two servings a day. Two servings of 150mg (A pea sized amount) should be plenty for the average person to take in daily.

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How long does Mountainlife take to work?

Mountainlife Shilajit is a powerful natural product. Most people report increases in energy and reduction in fatigue quite soon within the 1-2 week mark. To fully enjoy the effects and benefits of Mountainlife Shilajit take 1-2 servings, one in the morning and one if the late afternoon for a period of around 6-8 weeks.

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Do you ship outside of the United Kingdom?

Yes! We ship to practically all counties all around the world. For orders outside of the United Kingdom the time for shipping and delivery is increased depending on location and these fees & rates are calculated at the checkout. For our Amazon UK customers shipping is included. 

How long does it take to receive my order?

Our warehouse is situated in the UK and usually ships and posts deliveries out from Monday-Friday 07:00-15:00. If it is outside of these times it will be shipped the next day. Orders are processed on the day. 

Standard UK shipping & postage times take be 2 - 4 working days once the delivery has left the warehouse.

International shipping & postage takes around 4-7 business days depending on locations and traffic at customs offices.

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Can I edit, change or cancel my Mountainlife order?

All our orders are processed very quickly to ensure that our customers and clients receive our products in a swift and timely manor. If we haven't begun to processed your order we are more than welcome to cancel a order. 

Please check carefully on all the information submitted before placing a order. If you find you have made a mistake, get in touch with us to let us know ASAP. 

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