Vitamins & Amino's

Mountainlife is packed full of Vitamins, A,B,C and P (Citrines) and has six complex amino acids as well as a host of natural acids that are present within compressed plant matter.

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Our Mountainlife Range consists of pure Shilajit in its natural form. The power of Shilajit on the body as been known for millennia and thanks to the power of human connection, we can final have use for this incredible product. 

High Altitude Source

Legend has it that the higher the "Source" of the Shilajit the more potent. This unfortunately is unproven, however, our Shilajit comes from the highest regions within the Altai Mountain range.

"A Healthier You Begins Here"

Mineral Rich

With over 80+ minerals in their trace form. From Iron to Zinc, Magnese to Stronium Mountainlife has the minerals your body needs in the most natural delivery.

100% Plant Based, 100% Vegan Certified

We made sure that you can trust our products and that they conform to the Vegan Societies strict principles to give you piece of mind that Mountainlife is what it says it is.

Tratidtional, Renown, Potent

Known as the "Destroyer Of Weakness" in ancient Ayurvedic medicine we make sure that we provide you with exactly that, genuine, authentic Shilajit.

"Don't explain your philosophy. Embody It"


One Tree Planted

We support who's sole goal is repopulate the world with a tree for each £1 donated. We make sure £1 from all our sales go towards this brilliant not for profit charity.

Only Natural Methods Will Do

We understand that time tells all, that's why we have no binding processes in any of our products. (Even our capsules are done by hand!) Mountainlife only does 100% natural.

3rd Party Lab Testing

Mountainlife only produces whole, natural products however, we certify all our Shilajit produces via a UK 3rd party to test for heavy metal content to make sure its up to standard.

“The Greatest Health Is Wealth”


Rich in Fulvic & Humic Acids

Fulvic & Humic Acids are the driving force behind the strength of Shilajit. Our Shilajit is rich and abundant in both Fulvic & Humic Acids and we have the certificates to prove this.

UV Light Protected Jars

UV Miron Glass Jars prevent harmful sunlight getting to the Shilajit, ultimately protecting it from its chemical compounds being broken down and lessening the strength of the Shilajit.

Local Farmers, Local Ethics

We make sure we support locals. They are the ones harvesting this precious resource for our benefit. We deal directly with the harvests who set their own pay and conditions.

Embrace Natural

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