Mountianlife Minerals

"The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth But Not It's Mineral Rights"

Mountainlife Mineral Contents

Here we have supplied main mineral content within Mountainlife Shilajit and listed its functions on the body, and its health effects associated. Most minerals come in a variety of forms shapes and sizes. All the minerals present within Mountainlife Shilajit are in trace amounts, meaning there is a tiny portion within a daily intake. Our breakdown is shown on our "Shilajit Authenticity" page.

There is a plethora of scientifically supported benefits from taking minerals on a consistent and daily basis so why not take a multitude of naturally occurring ones on a regular basis?

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Mineral Type

Functional Summary

Health Effects & Benefits

Iron (Fe)

Mountainlife image of iron mineral deposit with elemental symbol

Increases protein and enzyme synthesis. Aids in blood cell function & application

Iron is one of the most vital minerals to aid with those suffering from Anaemia or those who have a low blood count. It also keeps the body's transportation systems in check by allowing a more efficient oxygen delivery

Nickle (Ni)

Mountianlife image of nickel mineral deposit with elemental symbol

Balances hormone levels, assists in body fat metabolism

Science shows that Nickel can support health blood cell production and aids in helping the body metabolise (Process) fat. It is also know to help probiotic areas and support gut health.

Copper (Cu)

Mountainlife image of copper mineral deposit with elemental symbol

Nutrient transport & blood cell function

Coppers main ability is to maintain energy balance within the body. It also helps reduce and break down free radicals and assist in supporting a healthy brain and cardiovascular system. Nails, skin and hair are also supported through copper

Manganese (Mn)

Mountainlife image of manganese mineral deposit with elemental symbol

Hormone & enzyme production and antioxidant properties

Working directly at a cellular level, Manganese increases energy output and can assist in the production of hormones and enzymes. Science also supports Manganese's ability to aid in bone stability and repair

Strontium (Sr)

Mountainlife image of strontium mineral deposit with elemental symbol

Aids in bone tissue growth and upkeep

Strontium has been proven to help keep bones dense and supports in active growth. Strontium also has studies supportings its effect at reducing Osteoporosis.

Silicon (Si)

Mountainlife image of silicon mineral deposit with elemental symbol

Collagen formation and support to muscle and bone tissue

Silicon is know to improve skin, nail and hair growth through a process of synthesizing collagen. It also has supported evidence to show that it improves cardiovascular health and aids in immune system function

Silver (Ag)

Mountainlife image of silver mineral deposit with elemental symbol

Mineral functions unknown at present

Silver has been historically used among the aristocracy to aid in internal holistic healing. It is also used within the holistic world to help with burns, infections and disease.

Zinc (Zn)

Mountainlife image of zinc mineral deposit with elemental symbol

DNA Synthesis & increased immune system function

Zinc is long been known to have strong effects on the human form. From aiding the immune system to supporting a healthy libdeo it has strong science to back up its claims. It also also renowkn for reducing heavy metal build up within the body and aiding in the breakdown of free radicals

Magnesium (Mg)

Mountainlife image of magnesium mineral deposit with elemental symbol

 Cellular function & DNA Synthesis 

Known for reducing stress and aiding in balancing blood sugar Magnetism is a powerful mineral. There is science to state it can support emotions reactions and works as a mood enhancer as well as assisting in kidney stone breakdown and mitigating headaches.

Potassium (K)

Mountainlife image of potassium mineral deposit with elemental symbol

Nerve signalling & support to cardiovascular systems

Support to a healthy heart is Potassiums main effect. It lowers blood pressure as well as maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. It is also known to help regular synapses function within the bodies nervous system

Calcium (Ca)

Mountainlife image of calcium mineral deposit with elemental symbol

Cellular function & bone support

Calcium is well known to support the regular upkeep of bones, whether that be tissue development or bone structure and strength. It is also regarded to support muscles, tendons and ligaments contractions.

Cobalt (Co)

Mountainlife image of cobalt mineral deposit with elemental symbol

Nervous system function & protein production

Cobalt aids in the activation of specific enzymes which in turn produce proteins and amino acids. It also has effects to combat anaemia and other iron deficient issues.

Gold (Au)

Mountainlife image of gold mineral deposit with elemental symbol

Mineral properties unknown at present

Gold historically has been the forefront of most holistic applications. It has evidence to show it may breakdown and slow the effects of tumours.. It is known to reduce internal inflammation within the body by binding directly combating the inflammatory chemicals

Titanium (Ti)

Mountainlife image of titanium mineral deposit with elemental symbol ti

Mineral functions unknown at present

Research shows that there could be healing properties from titanium. The science supports (by does not prove at current) the ability to deal with mental stress, enhance cellular membrane function and directly affect tissue structure.

Vanadium (V)

Mountainlife image of vanadium mineral deposit with elemental symbol v

Metabolism of sugars & hormonal functions

Vanadium is known to reduce blood sugar levels, aid with breaking down cancer cells and assists in overall hormonal support

Molybdenum (Mo)

Mountainlife image of mineral deposit with elemental symbol mo

Metabolism properties & enzyme support

Molybdenum enhances cellular function and supports the removal of toxins within metabolism functions. There is evidence to support overall cell function as well as supporting energy stability within cells

Sodium (Na)

Mountainlife image of Sodium mineral deposit with elemental symbol na

Cellular functions & nervous system signalling

Sodium aids the body in correcting the level of water retention one needs as well as supporting cellular dilation functions. It is also known to help balance and reduce blood pressure and aid in nervous system support

Chromium (Cr)

Mountainlife image of chromium mineral deposit with elemental symbol cr

Blood glucose control & metabolism properties

Chromium can directly support and enhance insulin within the body, creating controllable blood sugar levels. It is also known to help metabolism in regards to weight.

Gallium (Ga)

Mountainlife image of gallium mineral deposit with elemental symbol ga

Mineral functions unknown at present

Gallium has preliminary studies to show it aids in combating tumours within the body and limit their growth. It has anti-inflammatory properties and has scientific support towards the upkeep of healthy bone density and repair.

Boron (B)

Mountainlife image of Boron mineral deposit with elemental symbol b

Mineral functions unknown at present

Boron has shown support for increasing brain function and reducing Osteoarthritis symptoms. There is also evidence to suggest it can drastically improve natural testosterone production within the body

Amino Acids

Acid Type

Bodily Function

Health Effects & Benefits


alanine amino acid compound image

Energy production, acid & vitamin metabolism

Alanine is known to naturally boost energy levels whilst increasing naturally endurance properties of muscles. It has a metabolistic property to it in regards to acids & vitamins consumed via the gut


Blood pressure balancing & immune system support

Science shows that Arginine can effectively reduce muscle recovery times and regate health blood pressure. It has positive effects on hormones within the body and aids in the support of the gut, heart, brain and liver.

Aspartic Acid

aspartic acid amino acid compound image

Amino acid synthesier & DNA metaboliser

Aspartic Acid is known to promote the synthesis of specific types of Amino Acids allowing them to have enchanced health benefits.


cysteine amino acid compound image

Antioxidant & protein synthesiser

Whilst having anti inflammatory properties Cysteine also is known to boost natural energy and increase hormone production rates as well as an increase to active tissue repair. Cysteine also has evidence to show that it boosts collagen synthesis within the body.

Glutamic Acid

glutamic acid amino acid compound image

Amino acid synthesis & DNA metaboliser

Acting directly within the brain Glutamic Acid can assist with neuroplasticity and collateral brain function. It can assist specific minerals with direct transportation and has blood pressure reducing effects.


glycine amino acid compound image

Amino acid synthesis & DNA metaboliser

Glycine can effectively aid in reducing free radicals within the body and has properties to promote tissue repair and reduce internal organ inflammation.


histidine amino acid compound image

Fatigue fighting abilities & blood cell production

Whilst being able to combat fatigue, Histidine has a plethora of abilities from aiding in kidney related disease issues to improving digestive tract function. There is also evidence to suggest that Histidine can promote brain function and reduce symptoms of metal related ailments.


leucine amino acid compound image

Blood sugar regulation & energy synthesis

As well as being able to support health blood sugar levels Leucine also has a effect on the energy production within the body assisting with ATP output. Leucine is also know to aid in muscle growth whilst working directly to support external wounds and promoting your bodies natural ability to heal.


methionine amino acid compound image

Nutrient absorption & tissue growth

Methionine supports nail, hair and skin growth as well as expanding the effects of specific minerals in the body. Methionine also has anti-inflammatory properties as well positive effects on free radicals


lysine amino acid compound image

Immune system function & tissue repair

Lysine's purpose is to aid in recovery speed of damaged tissue and assists in reducing anxiety related issues and stress induced symptoms.


proline amino acid compound image

Amino acid synthesis & joint and tendon function

Proline supports the healthy upkeep of muscles, tendons and joints by improving the effectiveness of cartilage and collagen synthesis. Proline is also know to support immune function and support damaged tissue in repairing.


serine amino acid compound image

Muscular support & fat metaboliser

Serine directly supports cellular growth and improves cell function. It's also know to increase natural energy levels as well as having metabolic properties towards fat.


threonine amino acid compound image

Tissue growth & immune function

Threonine is shown to support internal organ tissue growth and repair and has strong effects supporting the immune system. It has benefits stemming from improving cognitive brain function to reducing nerve pain output and increasing nerve pain threshold


tyrosine amino acid compound image

Hormonal & amino acid functions

Tyrosine aids in regulating thyroid hormones and has functions to combat mental stress. Other properties range from aiding in reducing blood pressure to increasing and elevating mood.


valine amino acid compound image

Tissue repair & nervous system function

By aiding in muscle and tissue repair Valine can cut recovery rates of wounds and increase growth of new tissue. It also has cognitive functions which with the brains nervous center.