Mountainlife Shilajit Uses

How To Make The Most From Your Mountainlife Shilajit

Shilajit has such a varied application of uses it literally is remarkable. We have listed a few "home grown" applications from the peoples in the Altai. The locals have used this natural product for thousands of years and they have many different uses. 

Its one of those "old wives tales" where you can personally create your own home made uses for Shilajit. Below are a few recipes you can make in the comfort of your own home.

collection of mountainlife resin powder and capsules

Mountainlife Shilajit Facemask

If you are after a difference approach for your skin care routine this idea may be enough to put down those chemical face balms. For true purity and detoxification you can make a skin cream/facemask out of our shilajit.

Ingredients are as follows:

- 3grams of Mountainlife Shilajit

- 2.5grams of natural cinnamon

- 2.5grams of organic nutmeg

- 5grams of organic and natural honey

Once you have created this mixture simply apply directly to your face and keep it on for a approximately 3-10 minutes. This will leave enough time to allow your skin to absorb the balm. These minerals have the potential to reverse the natural aging process and could help you look younger and more alive!

small scoop of ground nutmeg powder and nutmegs

Mountainlife Shilajit Hair Mask

We all love our hair. Our hair naturally works well with minerals applied directly to the scalp so why wouldn't you create your own hair mask?

Ingredients are as follows:

- 2 organic eggs (Freerange preferably)

- 2.5grams of organic honey

- 2grams of Mountainlife Shilajit

Mix both the eggs and the honey together then add the Mountainlife until you are left with a creamy mixture. You can then start massaging the cream from the roots of the hairs to the end until they are completely covered. To avoid creating a mess, wear a plastic wrap on your head for a hour or so, then proceed to rinse off the mask with warm water until your hair is no longer sticky. You can use both shampoo and condition if required.

You should instantly feel your hair to be smoothly and more healthy looking!

warm gooey honey next to ladle and honey jar

Mountainlife Shilajit, Bath Mix

The ancients peoples of the Altai have been bathing in Shilajit baths for millennium. Removing dead cells and repairing damaged skin is what most people want to stay youthful and radiant. By having a bath filled within nourishing minerals you can aid you body in repair from the outside.

Ingredients are as follows:

- 7grams of Mountainlife Shilajit

- 400ml of natural milk

- 200ml of organic honey

- One full warm bath!

Once you've mixed the ingredients you can just jump straight in. Your skin will naturally absorb the Shilajit and give you a better appearance of your skin. The anit-aging effects of Shilajit are second to none and the trace minerals within can help cleanse your body's pores and revitalize your skin.