Mountainlife Shilajit Benefits

100% Authentic, 100% Plant based, 100% Real Shilajit

Mountainlife Shilajit Benefits

The ancients knew about Shilajit. So much so, they have consumed it for thousands of years. It is mentioned that Aristotle gave wisdom down to Alexander the Great who fed his closest generals with this elixir.


If this were true, and factually backed up via historical chronicles, it would answer some valid questions about the authenticity of this great natural tar. 

However...... the modern world has gifted us with the benefit of studying certain traits about Shilajit and its medicinal uses.​ 

Below is information on the beneficial effects Shilajit can have on the human form.

Benefits Our Customers Feel

  • More Energy & Less Fatigue

  • Stronger Nails & Thicker Hair

  • Cleaner Skin & Less Breakouts

  • Increased Strength & Stamina
  • Better Digestion & Gut Health

  • More Resistant To Illness

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Fulvic Acid, What Is It?

mountainlife fulvic acid collection pile

Fulvic acid is a humic substance which basically means in simple terms that it is a strongly concentrated component of organic matter. Fulvic acid is derived from the soil and is naturally released through organic matter decomposing. ​During this process of decomposition, microbes are released revitalizing the healthy parts to this acid. Whilst this process occurs a collection of ketones, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and hormones are also released.

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So Who Needs Fulvic Acid?

If you're into fitness, bodybuilding, or just constructing a healthy diet, Fulvic acid is something you need to know about and want to have in your diet. ​

Fulvic acid aids in the absorption rate of nutrients in the body. Basically the Fulvic acid allows minerals from food sources to react more appropriately towards the body's cells. Food and supplements alike, will have a higher level of absorption and will be able to chemically react better with muscle cells to strengthen the rate of recovery and repair, which in turn will lead them to a higher rate of cellular and muscular growth.

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Movement Of Nutrients

Fulvic acid also has been shown to aid with the transport of non-moveable minerals such as Iron (Fe). Not only will the absorption affect minerals in a positive way but this acid will also help get those minerals to the correct place, making sure that those cells which are building muscle are properly fuelled and at the right time!​ 

For example, if you were supplementing with amino acids or creatine the fulvic acid would assist in transportation to the appropriate places making their effects more potent and efficient.

Shilajit's effect on post workout recovery and energy

Increased Metabolism Of Protiens

Yes, you read that right. Fulvic acid has been found to enhance the metabolism of proteins RNA and DNA. The DNA content in the cells increases and speeds up the rate of synthesis within the body.​ 

 These acids have positive effects on anti- aging, immune system response, brain function and muscle and tissue growth.

If you're serious about your fitness and well-being taking Shilajit with rich levels of Fulvic acid is something you may need to consider. Pills can only go so far, we provide the real deal. 100% natural and no binding agents whatsoever. 

Shilajit's effect on post workout recovery and energy

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Shilajit's Historic Benefits

Energy & Post Workout Recovery

*Effects may vary*

Shilajit has been known for quite some time by the ancients to naturally increase physical performance, energy and recovery. Mitochondria, which is where energy production occurs, requires a plentiful amount of minerals in order to perform at an optimum level. Minerals such as B12 and Fulvic Acid play an extremely key part in delivering oxygen straight to the cells which is highly beneficial at least for a plethora of sports and physical activities. 

It is also suggested that Shilajit may aid in increasing the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which in turn increases overall energy production and a more enduring set of stamina levels.​ 

We at Mountainlife would imagine that at some point within your personal history you have suffered with fatigue, we probably all have. There are studies to potentially support Shilajit in helping enhance the way the Mitochondria output energy within the body which has been tested with debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Disorder. 

Shilajit's effect on post workout recovery and energy

Increased Testosterone

*Effects may vary*

In the modern world, men are presented with so many false idols in the remit of "drugs" and "supplements" that can increase sexual output, heightened libido for example. However, when it comes to sexual performance, zinc and selenium minerals are known to help promote the correct testosterone levels and they assist in the regulation of the sex drive as well as the maintenance of healthy sperm. 

Shilajit itself, as we know contains a vast number of powerful minerals. Magnesium levels within the body have been known to help with male premature ejaculation.

Also, a key element in today's world is the fact that male sperm count is lowering dramatically. Modern science is slowly coming to terms with recent studies that link the herbal application of aphrodisiac medicines. Shilajit's existence may soon be part of this and there are studies suggesting that the increased production of sperm via the fulvic acid content present within the Shilajit may have an effect on overall sexual stimulation and performance. 

Mountainlfie Shilajit natural increase to testosterone

Immune System & Brain Health

*Effects may vary*

Minerals within Shilajit potentially have the ability to break down heavy metals that exist within the body. Enzymes such as Superoxide Dismutase (S.O.D) Catalase and Glutathione require minerals to help them operate efficiently, minerals such as Zinc, Copper, Iron and Manganese to name a few.  

The enzymes listed above act as the body's defence to withstand the stress and assault that our immune system deals with on a daily basis. By having an increase of minerals that are vital to a complete and active defense mechanism, you can assist the body in the conditioning and effectiveness of the immune system as a whole.  

It is not well known, however that the upper classes of aristocracy used silverware when it came to dining as they believed there was some special benefit from consuming extremely small amounts of silver (Cordial silver amounts). Small levels of trace amounts of silver which studies show, assists in the removal and destruction of harmful pathogens and viruses located within the body. 

Mountainlife Shilajit effect on brain health

Stress, Anxiety & Depression

*Effects may vary*

It is well know that depression and other related physiological symptoms are relatively entwined with levels of zinc in the body. Our bodies do not have the capacity to store a large amount of minerals especially Zinc, so having a steady stream on a consistent and regular basis can present a positive contribution.  

Potassium and magnesium have beneficial abilities for the human form. Studies suggest that an increase of these vital minerals on a steady basis have an enhanced effect against the expression of anxiety and can also assist in dealing with stress related issues. 

Mental health is a widely discussed issue in today's world. There are so many external factors and influences that affect us (unbeknown to us) which cause or have relation to mental health issues. If you suffer from anxiety or depression to a point where you wish to change that, allow your curiosity to bolster your mind and try our natural organic Shilajit and see if it can assist in alleviating it.

Mountainlifes effect on stress anxiety and depression

Anti-Ageing & Skin Care

*Effects may vary*

Anti aging is the topic regularly discussed in many mediums. Companies claim their products and mineral compounds can either halt or slow down the aging process. Remove the pharmaceutical aspect from that and you are presented with the bare bones of raw materials from the earth. Copper itself has a natural effect of promoting collagen within the body. The protein itself is a "binder" which controls and holds the skin together (on the cellular level). This  helps the promotion of regeneration of the skin layers and assists in the combat against wrinkles.  

The aging of the skin and development of the wrinkles have a potential to be slowed via stored levels of magnesium within the body. Magnesium is apparently known to support immune and enzyme function within the body which in turn can help reduce the fight against acne and skin allergies.  

When it comes to skin cell function and UV induced radiation as well, Selenium has the potential to assist the body in protecting the skin from UV radiation as the Selenium is present in the skin cells which assist the enzymes and their biochemical reactions. 

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Diabetes & Sugar Balancing

*Effects may vary*

Diabetes is a global pandemic affecting a huge proportion of the modern world and day by day it increases. It is a fundamentally known fact that diet, fitness and lifestyle choices provide a key role in the appearance of Diabetes and medical studies show that both Magnesium and Calcium are vital components which can ward off diabetes and its precursors.​ 

Within Shilajit there are potentially trace elements of Chromium. This element has been shown to potentially aid in metabolism of glucose, insulin and lipids which stabilize the chemical processes within the body. These chemical processes are vital for breaking down food stuffs and harvesting the vital fuel sources from them.​ 

There is also evidence to support that Vanadium has positive relationship to restoring blood sugar levels although more study is needed to support the claims. 

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Powerful Antioxidant

*Effects may vary*

Shilajit has been renowned historically within the ancient world to be a powerful cleanser and anti-oxidant. The main apparent ability within Shilajit comes from the Fulvic Acid content. Fulvic acid is known to be part of a group organic acids which comprise one of the best antioxidants out there. Its abilities consist of helping the body reduce the damage caused by free radicals which are released under certain conditions that your body reacts too, such as foods, stress, lifestyle choices and external environmental factors.

Magnesium again provides evidence to suggest that it can aid the microbiological processes at cellular and molecular levels. The derivation of its name from the Greek word for magic remains quite suitable as medicinal studies are limited on the understanding of the element. However Manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) is the main antioxidant within the Mitochondria (the engines in the cell). Increasing the welfare of these cells gives them an added edge in the fight against free radicals, which are known to play a role in the creation and appearance of long term disease and illness. 

collection of antioxidative blueberries

Healing Properties

*Effects may vary*

The healing potential of Shilajit is strongly guarded in the Altai and Himalayan ranges. The local populace swear by it, however they lack the modern scientific studies but are adamant there are healing properties within it. Humic Acid itself is suggested to help stabilize and neutralize both acids and alkaline and regulate PH Values, especially within soil and compost. If this Acid within Shilajit is clearly known in the scientific field in regards to plants and crop rotation what effects would it have on the body? Studies show that plants when supplemented with Humic Acid offer a natural and powerful potential effect on plant size and growth. 

At present there is not enough research, studies and theses out there to fully explain the healing properties that are supposedly prevalent within Shilajit. We understand that Shilajit may potentially have a positive effect in the area of hormone production and especially for men Testosterone production.​ 

Various published research studies can give us a vague insight that shilajit plausibly exhibits certain adaptogenic, antioxidant, anti inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antidiabetic, and neurological properties. It is unknown what exact healing potential Shilajit may harbor. However, we do know that Shilajit could possibly help the regulation and effectiveness of cells and their processes, increase vital immune function, assist in recovery and fatigue and we at Mountainlife are sure within the future with more advanced concepts of study we will be able to identify certain elements that could answer many additional questions.

shilajits holistic healing properties

Anti Inflammatory & Stronger Bones

*Effects may vary*

Ancient Greeks, Assyrians and Egyptians believed that all diseases and illness at that time had an intrinsic link to inflammation within the body. This factor of vitality and health is still quite evident today, even by modern scientific and holistic standards. Elements and minerals such as Nickel, Strontium, Calcium, Cuprum and especially Silicone offer facts to indicate their beneficial role in bone formation, density and general health. This in turn also may potentially have positive effects in warding off degenerative illnesses such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Studies also show and suggest that Strontium has a direct link in regards to bone strength and bone health. When it comes to issues surrounding osteoporosis consuming Shilajit on a consistent basis could provide long lasting bone robustness though this is untested at present.

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Digestion & Gut Health

*Effects may vary*

"All diseases begin in the gut" - Hippocrates. This statement is more and more applicable for today's world When you really think about it, how healthy is your gut? How well do you look after your gut? Mountainlife Shilajit has Fulvic and Acid content above 75%. With ongoing research into Fulvic and Humic Acid, research shows that it allows the gut to regulate and support the ability of the "good" bacteria more efficiently which in turn can promote the existence of Microbiota (Good pathogens) within the gut itself.

Fulvic acid is also known to have properties which aid in binding molecules (electrolytes, trace minerals, fatty acids, probiotics, prebiotics) within the gut which allows more nutrient absorption. This is key for those who have strong diets and wish to extract the most from their food intake.

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Where does this leave us?

We are usually sold on the idea that taking laboratory made pills and creams is the answer to natural long lasting health. On the up side of things, there is a large community who understands the vital power of natural earth made substances. Shilajit has a huge collection of trace minerals that our body has within it and Shilajit's historic effects may be derived in such a natural way that a clinical lab cannot compete. We know that supplying the cells is a grand idea but the logistics and delivery to those cells are just as important. 

The wonders of Shilajit that have not yet been answered or explained on how this process occurred but a huge proportion of people all round the world cannot be all wrong. Shilajit and its mysteries are still being discovered and we are certain in time this herbal wonder will have its true golden age in the coming years. Mountainlife regularly researches about new studies that Shilajit has undertaken and is striving to provide you with real medical and scientific information that you can use with your own judgement.​ 

 Now that you have seen the supposed wonders, why not try out a natural way?

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