One Tree Planted

Our Charitable Support

We want to give back to those who give to us. 

To those that take Mountainlife Shilajit we know the power it has. Mother Nature has provided this power through the process of plant matter, compressed over millions of years. We, at Mountainlife won't be able to "create" anymore once it has gone. However, we can assist in giving back to the planet that which we ultimately take for granted. Every sale of Mountainlife Shilajit donates £1 to One Tree Planted. Their work is evidence to the morality of those who wish to assist in healing the earth's wounds. The statistics of trees from this planet are as follows: 

80% of the worlds trees have already been destroyed

axe embedded in to small chopping block

121+ Natural remedies in the Rainforest can be used as medicines

collection of various herbs and a pestle and mortar

80,000 Acres of forests are wiped off the earth a day, every day

large tree stump with small growing sapping next to it

50% of all plant and animal species in the world live in tropical Rainforests

yellow and orange beaked toucan perching on a branch

These are just a few of the key facts about deforestation. We at Mountainlife support natural remedies and we would not have the luxury of benefiting from their powers if we didn't support the forests and ecosystems that they provide. Click the link below and gain some insight in to the excellent work that is done at One Tree Planted.​