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Source & Process Of Mountainlife Shilajit

Pure Shilajit is produced over a huge course of time. It takes roughly 50million years for the organic matter and plant hummus to be transformed into this mineral rich tar. 

Millions of years ago, the ancient fauna that grew in these areas became trapped and decomposed whilst the tectonic plates in the earth formed mountain ranges to collide with one another. The pressure from this slow process combined with the altitude high up caused this trapped organic matter to naturally “ooze” out of the rocks.
Mountain peaking through the clouds

We source our Shilajit from a very remote part of the Altai Mountains in Siberia close to the Mongolian border. This area has been historically known as the "Golden Mountain" which comprises of a collection of valleys and peaks. The environment in the Altai region of Russia is completely untouched and pristine, and absolutely free from pollutants and air bound chemicals. 

During the summer months in the Altai, temperatures can reach up to 40°C which heats up the mountain rock. This heat slowly transfers in to the rocks which allows the Shilajit to become more viscous. Once it becomes a sticky tar it can be extracted from the cracks within the rock. This is a dangerous task and the local people of the area have expert skill in the mountains and the nature that inhabits its valleys. 

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The Shilajit is then filtered through natural spring water to remove both the excess dirt and impurities. We approve of these age old techniques as its traditional application has been used for thousands of years and allows us to produce a more authentic product.

Once it has been purified we then have it sent (whilst in Siberia) to have it tested for heavy metals. We do this first so that once it is in our hands, we can test it at a UK 3rd party laboratory. We do this so we can be 100% sure that the results match. This allows us to be as accountable and transparent as possible.

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We source our Shilajit directly and make sure that the end product is as authentic as possible. 

Mountainlife is the only true source for Authentic Altai Mountain Shilajit and we will happily stand by that.
30g jar of Mountainlife uk shilajit