Mountainlife Testimonials

Testimonials are important to us. It makes us strive to provide us customers with a brilliant authentic selection of products on a regular basis. Below are feedback from those who have tried our products and have seen that we are above what is branded as the "Norm" when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Chris Walton Msc

Performance Psychologist 2x Best Selling Author

I've been taking Mountainlife Shilajit for some time and what can I say about this product? I have tried almost everything on the market aimed at increasing natural energy and well-being and Shilajit is at the top! It is amazing how potent this is. I have personally tested this on over 20 clients and it truly creates a deep healing response within the body and amplifies their energy output at a cellular level. Incredible stuff

Sami Bousri

Personal Trainer & UFC Fighter

I've been using Mountainlife Shilajit every morning for the past 2 weeks, the one thing I've noticed the most is how much my energy levels have improved. I normally don't eat untill 11am and I am training in the gym from 08:00-09:30 then 10:00-11:00 so this stuff really does get me through my grueling workouts. Amazing product with great benefits.

Jordan Jack Turner

Head Turners Training 

I’m very hesitant when it comes to backing health products. In a industry full of gimmicks and fads I originally thought this was another misleading product on the market, however I researched the benefits and I was impressed by its potential and the fact it’s a natural product directly from Mother Earth I couldn’t see any reason to not give it a chance. Well long story short I’m very glad I did give Mountainlife Shilajit a fair chance. I find it a great asset that boosts my energy levels and the taste gives me a good kick in the morning setting me up for the day ahead.

Jamie Swain

JS5 Fitness

I've known Thomas for a long time and when I heard he had this strange tar like looking product he wanted me to use I questioned what he was on about, however, I had heard about all the amazing benefits of Shilajit on a couple of podcasts and decided to see what the fuss was all about. I have to say, the best part about Thomas is he sources what I believe to be very high quality Shialjit. is it's completely natural and you can tell how potent it is! Will definitely be using Mountainlife again.

Christopher Storey

CEO & Founder of Primal Alchemy

Being in the health product industry myself, I am always on the look out for innovative brands that create not only high grade effective products but also hold a level of integrity with their business ethics. Mountainlife has brought to the market a product that not only delivers everything it says on the box but goes above and beyond for their customers. Thomas's Shilajit is premium grade and I noticed distinct a difference in it's potency to others on the market. Don't worry about spending hundreds of pounds on loads of supplements, Mountainlifes' Shilajit will optimize you on every level and its all you need. Very recommended.

Natasha Vernon

Health Care Professional

When Thomas introduced me to Mountainlife Shilajit I laughed. I have never really taken any herbal foods or supplements in my life, however I can only say that the energy boost is something magical. I feel less fatigued doing my long night shifts and have noticed that my nails are less brittle than before.

Mellisa Laycy

Nutritional Gut Coach

Mountainlife Shilajit is a great product with a genuine man behind the brand, High quality Shilajit that I use myself and will recommend to my clients who are in need of a natural energy and immunity boost. Shilajit is the product of the future and will soon be on everyone's lips!

Steven Burgess

CEO of AwakenCBD

Fast delivery, incredibly well packaged with a personal touch. As for the product, one week in and energy levels are through the roof. Feeling revitalised and ready for the week ahead. The real deal! Thomas knows his stuff and really promotes a product that keeps me mentally and physically on my toes.

Jewels Okwechime

Non Executive Director and Company CEO

I've been using Mountainlife for 3 months now and I can feel a huge difference in my agility and endurance at the gym. I like to take it with an espresso as an energy shot at 10am before I hit the gym. Improved my performance by 100%. Also greatly helps my digestive system and gut health!

Ellie Flow

Transformational Coach

I met Thomas - the owner and creator of Mountainlife not too long ago. Within a few hours it became evident to me that he is a beautiful soul that has a high moral system and lives with the most important quality one should have - integrity. Since then, he has totally solidified this initial opinion I had of him. I personally believe that to trust a product or a brand, you should first of all find out who is behind it. Every element, every detail, every single thing gets special attention and is always in a process of improving. As an influencer myself, who lives with the exact same values, I couldn’t be happier to write this and express how I feel about this amazing brand and the person behind it. I am a proud ambassador for Mountainlife!

Ryan Cruzar

Adventurer & Explorer

Mountainlife is an absolutely fantastic product which has me feeling more energetic and sharp. The product arrived prompt and Thomas was very helpful with giving me more information on this excellent product. Will most certainly buy this product again once I've ran out. 5* to Thomas and his Mountainlife range.

Kathleen Carter

Wife & Mother

I was extremely skeptical at first however, taking Mountainlife every day but for the last couple of weeks makes me feel 10 year younger. The energy boost is real and I've noticed being more alert in the mornings. I've also done wonders to my skin and I can see my nails are much stronger than before. I haven't been one to use herbal and natural products as often as I'd like but I have to say this stuff does work.

Marisa Hawks

E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Mountainlife provides a high quality Shilajit Product as well as the excellent customer service. The Shilajit has been very powerful in giving me that much needed energy boost and overall its improved my health! I have to thank Thomas for providing a genuine product at a reasonable price all with the right attitude towards his business and his customers.

Isabella Lilly

Isabella Lilly Meditation

Absolutely fantastic product. Best friend suggested it would help with my energy levels and it feels it is doing its job. Took me a few weeks to realize that I wasn’t as fatigued as before. All these minerals in one helping makes perfect sense and seems to help my body deal with stress better and also gives me a little energetic boost. Fast delivery and an effective product. Will most certainly buy again once I have run out.

Richard Andrew

Charted Surveyor

Been using this Mountainlife Shilajit for a while now to help with my joints. From the looks of it is has the effect one would expect from a natural herbal product. My knee and joint pain has almost disappeared and the 30g jar lasts me a good few months. A effective alternative to modern medicines that deserves all the promotion to the wider public that it can get. Very impressed 5*.

Jamie Peters

Specialist Blacksmith

Mountainlife gives a really strong boost to my energy levels it's quite impressive. I have grown to really enjoy the taste and texture and it has become part of my morning ritual. Gives a strong boost to my hormone levels and have to say I would recommend it.

Peter Wintrip

Peter Wintrip Video & Film

I've been taking Shilajit for a few months and wanted to see how it was affecting me at a cellular level. After doing some Kinesiology work I found out that Mountainlife Shilajit was much more potent and really improved my physical and mental form. Very impressed at the quality and I know Thomas is accountable and passionate about what he supplies.  

Joe Arce

Carpenter & Farmer

Well I started taking Mountainlife Shilajit and wasn't expecting anything noticeable to happen. I am a former health trainer, personal trainer and qualified nutritionist and extremely health conscience. I don't usually take any supplements from "Big Pharma" and a great believer in natural, organic and ethnically sourced products. When Thomas mentioned to me about Shilajit I didn't know what to expect. It's not exaggeration to say that I felt a small surge of energy within the first day. I feel fantastic and I have to say this stuff is absolutely amazing.

Paulina Tyson

Health & Wellness

 Mountainlife Shilajit makes me feel energized! Every morning I wake up and drink a cup of this magical drink. It makes me feel alive. You put a pea size amount in to a cup of water and let it dissolve on its own. It has a very distintive smell and taste. I've noticed a significant change in my nail strength. I could never grow out my nails because they were so brittle, so this was a major game changer